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It's a tough time run a church. We get that. You are dealing with a lot of turmoil, both inside and outside your congregation.

If you have been obeying the Covid 19 restrictions you are dealing with even more issues. We appreciate your efforts.

If your church in America has been honoring the required lock-downs, social distancing and mask use we think you deserve praise. It's time someone said "Thank You" for making the difficult decisions to honor the rules. We are saying "Thank You" by offering your church 50-100% off our website services.

Covid Correct Special

To qualify for our "Covid Correct Special" for your church in the US we just need your senior pastor to confirm your church has, to the best of your ability, honored government requirements in lock-downs, social distancing and mask use. If you qualify take a look through our services and contact us at info@calvaryweb.com. We'll even tell you Thank You personally!