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About Us Tune Up Book Publishing Contact

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We are back! Calvary Web has relaunched with an expanded line of services, some that are free.

We want to thank Pastor Rob Nash along with his skilled and dedicated team that served an immense need for many years. Calvary Web, along with the gracious support of Calvary Vista served churches by providing website services.

When Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa stopped providing websites for their churches Calvary Web sprang into action, filling that gap. A few years ago the website services provided by Calvary Web were transferred to Pritchard Websites who continues to faithfully serve those churches.

Now Calvary Web is supported by Pritchard Websites and is offering many new services. Along with web services and phone apps we also now offer book publishing support, full-time professional graphic design, media streaming and SEO services.

Not all our services are free, but we provide as much support as possible. We are most excited about our free website tune-up. Our goal is to reach the lost, and to help you reach the lost in your community by making small changes to your internet contact points. Usually making churches more effective only requires small changes, require little time to implement and some only need to be done once. We use everything we know about selling products online, to help you get the gospel message out to your community. We'll instruct you on the best methods to accomplish these things by yourself, requiring no payment to outside services.

Fishers of Men

"Reaching the lost"

Into your church

Our greatest goal is to get seekers into your church.

Into God's Word

Once they are in your church you get them into the Word.

Into the Kingdom

The Word of God will get them into the Kingdom!

The internet is the best evangelism tool available. It is not the most effective, you can't beat one-on-one evangelism, but the internet is best because it works 24/7 to reach people.

The internet is constructed to help people find what they want. All we have to do is leverage that to deliver our message.

We have 15 years experience using the internet to successfully deliver a message for countless ministries and businesses. The Gospel is the most important message of all, it deserves our best efforts.

This is so important to us that we are providing a completely free report telling you the simple changes you can make to reach more people.

Email for more info: info@calvaryweb.com.

Our Ministries

> Free Website Tune-up

We spend one hour reviewing your website, Facebook, Yelp listing, Google ranking & map listing. Then, during a 30 minute phone call, we'll provide a report of the things you can do to increase your effectiveness. You'll be given instructions on how to make these changes yourself. No charge, no obligation, no cost.

> Free Media Consultations

Need some advice on your media presentation and storage? We have years of experience and would love to get you pointed in the right direction.

> Media Streaming

Thinking about an online radio station, audio streaming or video streaming? We can help!

> Graphic Design

Banners, posters, TV production graphics, magazines, catalogs, booklets, business cards, book covers, brochures and more.

> Book Publishing

From publishing through marketing, we can provide expert guidance on the best way to create and promote your book.

> Web services

We are a full-time web development shop so we have many website systems available. After consulting with you we provide the best website solution to fit your needs. We also help you increase your Google ranking, improve your social media and provide hosting and domain names.

> Phone Apps

Our mobile apps are unique. We developed a system that will pull most of the content from your website. This saves you time, money and keeps your mobile app always up-to-date!

> SEO Services

We help your website rise in Google ranking and raise your Google map listing. Using various time-tested methods we help you structure the best internet presence possible.
At Calvary Web our main focus is following Jesus and sharing the love of God. We believe the body is made up of many members and that each is individually gifted to serve. Our team members include: Pastor Scott LaPierre - book publishing, Ric McNair - graphic design expert and Mike Pritchard - web & mobile app services. We are also blessed with an outstanding group of support staff.

Best Support

Integrated Apps

Donation Consulting

Secure Hosting

Social Media

Excellent Pricing

Help Us Help You

I need your help.
During my seven years as a missionary I learned something I am unable to forget: the internet works. I saw the internet bring people into the Kingdom. Once I saw that I was hooked. So my problem is I don't have the resources people really need to find God. But you do. You teach the Word of God.
I learned long ago that the best thing I could do is get more people into church. Working together, we can use the internet to bring more people into your church. This is not about church growth, I am not interested in that. Church growth is just a side-effect of what I want. My only desire is to get more people into the Kingdom.
-Mike Pritchard

Web Services Offered

Website & Domain name hosting
Website creation - using whichever system fits your needs best
Website security & update packages
Fast, helpful and accurate phone and email support
Proprietary, maintenance-free mobile apps
Search ranking and map listing
Email newsletter design and maintenance
Social Media management and consulting

We are a full web design shop.
We fit the correct website system to your skills, resources, requirements and budget,
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Book Publishing

Pastor Scott LaPierre is our publishing adviser. His book "Marriage God's Way" is an outstanding and clear guide on the Bible’s view of marriage. From a painful editing process through an incredible marketing strategy he accomplished what few writers can. He will save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars of wasted money.
Scott is the senior pastor of Woodland Christian Church in Woodland, Washington and a conference speaker. He and his wife, Katie, grew up together in northern California, and God has blessed them with seven children. Scott has published three books, and has a wealth of information about the publishing process.
More about Pastor Scott here.

Need a Graphic Designer?

...but don't have the budget to hire?

We have 15 years of full-time freelance design experience helping over 300 businesses establish or improve their branding through logo and web design as well as marketing and tradeshow graphics. We also have experience in designing graphics for television production, magazines, catalogs, booklets and brochures.
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We have 15 years of full-time freelance design experience helping over 300 businesses establish or improve their branding through logo and web design as well as marketing and tradeshow graphics. We also have experience in designing graphics for television production, magazines, catalogs, booklets and brochures.
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